Isn't Life a Blast...

If you come here on a regular're already a better person. Or just I am..

I do the same witty stuff on twitter too but, it's lamer.

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The Slits
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I Want..

  • warmer weather
  • guacamole 
  • an old fashion
  • a bar playing The Slits.

See Classic, Rare New Wave/No Wave/Punk At Museum Of Art And Design

Looks good.

the shade in this photo set could cause an eclipse

God…Kenya you’re amazing.

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tbt: this interview from Pukkelpop 2012.
"Secretly no one is as cool as you think they are. Except for maybe like… the guys in The Ramones. But that’s about it."

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I Saw “Only Lovers Left Alive” lastnight

and it was a stark reminder that even if your immortal you can still be a pretentious whiny jerk with great music taste.  

I’d watch it again(great soundtrack)

Denise Lasalle- Trapped By This Thing Called Love

Disco drink. (at Golden Cadillac) View high resolution

Disco drink. (at Golden Cadillac)

Proletarian French Voguers

Work it Ladies!!!

Stop being perfect Jonah.

Stop being perfect Jonah.

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