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Right Around This Time Last Year…

I was dating a guy who told me off the bat that he was looking for his future wife. I wasn’t really looking for a husband at that time but it was nice to go out with someone on a consistent basis.

My friends were also pretty happy for me at this point. I hardly date/never been seen with a guy for more than a week. 

One friend in particular was very vocal about my future relationship with him. “You’re probably going to move to Williamsburg after 6 months”, she said while dipping her tortilla chips in some pretty spicy guacamole. “I can see it now, you’re going to be his girlfriend, I’ll barely see you anymore because you’ll be busy in Williamsburg shopping at some pretentious super market and having dinner parties with your new friends.” I found her prediction strange but valid, so I started to think about my pretend life with this man. Maybe I would move to Brooklyn, maybe we would go out to our favorite wine bar on Thursday nights after work, maybe I will buy a funky apron and throw an adult get together instead of eating drunk off of cheap beers. Maybe I’ll be the one that my friends talk about never seeing. 


Of course none of that stuff happened. A week after visualizing my pretend life with him, he stopped calling me. I had a chance to figure out why but I declined. He wasn’t worth going to pretend Trader Joes anyhow.

The girl who sarcastically predicted my inevitable disappearance? She’s in a relationship of her own. I barely see her now. 

She went and found a fantasy of her own.


Young Man on the Train, Long Island City, NY, 1985 © Robert Herman
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Young Man on the Train, Long Island City, NY, 1985 © Robert Herman

Ballin’ Oates is the third EP in a series of compilations produced by The Melker Project, each focusing on a different classic artist. Each Hall & Oates song was completely replayed and remixed by Melker, before blending them with different acapellas.
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Ella Fitzgerald — Blue Skies - 1958

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